Vintage Hat Fascinators Accessory - Mesh Conversion from Almighty Hat Sims 2 to Sims 4

Here is a fascinator, a angled tiny hat popular in the early 1900s, perfect for an Edwardian or Belle Epoch look.

Is a conversion from the mesh by Almighty Hat/Rosesims for the sims 2. I used part of the original textures and modified them to more options.

It can be found in glasses. (If anybody wishes I can try to make them as hats too).

Comes in 21 colors.

There are two positioning possibilites on hair you can pick (higher on hair or more close to it and lower). Is ok to have both at the same time in game.

Download Here(Higher Position on Hair)
Here(Closer to hair)


Obs: Since it has alpha in it for the lace and feathers details being see-through, it can look a bit clipped if used with hairs that have alpha/transparency like Stealthic's and Sintiklia's (but on game normal hairs and Maxis match hairs without transparency/shine it looks normal).
So you can use with CC hair that has transparency (is those custom shiny looking hairs) but it might show some clipping in the feathers part of the accessory, and there is no other way right now to fix this effect with some CC shiny hairs.

Thanks Almighty Hat for the amazing Sims 2 historical downloads
and for allowing conversions to sims 4 as published in his site TOU (since they don't play sims 4).

Hairs by MyStuff,SimSerenity,Birksches
Necklace and Dresses from this blog

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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