Neoclassic Georgian Historical Long Dresses

A set of  19 dress options from the Georgian/Neoclassic 1800s period/19th century. All in one file.

New mesh by me (you may recolor, just link back here). Only needs base game.

Download Here

Hope you guys enjoy!

Hairs by Skysims at TSR, SweetTacoPlumbobs and Nightcrawler at TSR
Necklace by me at TSR
Tiaras by me and Kijiko
Parasol by me (mesh by Marigold)
Gloves by Bukovka at TSR
Plume on hair by Kiara at Mystuff
Bouquet by BEO
Bracelet by NataliS at TSR
Fascinator Feather Hat by me 

Made with


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    1. Thanks Conny Laan! Your comment made my day :) Hope you are enjoying it|!

  2. Bonjour Alin

    Superbe ♥ j'aime beaucoup

  3. hi, the download link is not working, could you please fix? thanks

    1. Hi Juliana, I tested and it works normal for me? How is working for you? It opens Simsfileshare page when I click. Simsfileshare is a popular host for mods and CC for sims, can you download other people's CC in simsfileshare and mine doesn't work for you or the simsfileshare doesn't work?