**************************************************************** Policy *******************************************************************

You may recolor/retexture all my new meshes and retextures, 
but I ask you, please, to put a link back and give credit. :) 

And please let a comment too, I love to see and download other people creations.

You may not:
*Upload my work and call as yours
* Claim my Meshes as yours.


  1. Dear Mythical Dreams Sims 4:

    Thank you so much for your cc! I have recolored your flapper dress in vintagedancer.com's 1920's fashion palette--except the black, since your original already has a black. The recolor doesn't work in my game without your original mesh installed, so I'm pretty sure I didn't accidentally include your mesh in my packet. You can find it and a picture of several of my sims wearing the recolors by looking at my cc: list on tumblr. It's the second item from the top.

    This is the address:

    There's only 8 cc uploads so far, so it won't be hard to find the recolor of your mesh!

    Thank you again,


    1. Thank you so much for your email :) It made my day! I love to see your recolors and I hope you keep them coming. I am going to download the other flapper dress recolors, they are great for that dress style. :) Followed you on tumbrl too. Also thank you very much for linking to my site and not including the mesh, you are very kind and respect creators!

      Thank you for your nice words and have a great simming experience :) !