Medieval Long Hair with Buns & Metallic Hairnets Accessory

This is my second hair, is a variation of my medieval hair with buns, but is a long hair version for the maidens. Is in long hair category. Has it own thumbnail.

 Comes in all EA original color  swatches.

It is usable with other hats too, but will be a short tucked in version depending on the hat.

  I also made an accessory to go with it, is a Gold/Silver Brocade Hairnets Cover for the Buns.

Can be found in Hats and can be used with other hairs too, including my hair Medieval Side Buns.

Download Hair Here 
Download Hairnets Accessory Here

Hope you guys enjoy.

Hairs by Fenril88, Birksches
Dress with long sleeves and royal cape by Wiccandove at Sims 4 Studio
Dress with long sleeves nikova at MTS
 Dress with lace HeartFall

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