Elizabethan Times: Empress Gown

This is a dress inspired by the Elizabethan Era, is perfect for an empress! It has a  parlet, that see-through neck detail that we see in this period gown, and see-through cuffs at sleeves. Comes in 16  colors.

The original mesh is by Sims4Nexus, and I did a small modification to it to make some parts transparent like the neck frills (parlets) and the sleeves cuffs :), that is why the mesh is included in my file.

Download Here

Thanks Sim4Nexus for the original mesh and beautiful downloads.

Hope you guys enjoy.

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    1. Thanks dear Nicole! And sorry for the delayed answer. I was not up with the blog last month! Thanks!

  3. This is an absolute beauty!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you very much Carolina! Sorry for the delayed answer! :)