Southern Romantic Charm Top, Long Skirt and Parasol

This is a set inspired by southern belle style of dressing (a la Scarlet O'Hara), it is a set of skirt (found in Skirt, 31 colors available ) and top (can be found in Tops - Tanks,40 colors available).

The skirt is a new mesh by me.

The top is a recolor from the mesh by Toksik.

For the shirt you need the original file with the mesh in the Mods Folder, since the author of the mesh doesn't allow for putting the mesh together with recolors.
I also made some parasols recolors (you will need the Parasol mesh that is linked).

The site of the shirt mesh changed and I updated here :) Thanks for Anonymous to let me know!

Download Shirt Here
(Shirt needs mesh "SummerTop":Here)
Download Skirt Here
 Download Parasol Recolors Here (needs mesh "Sunshade02" by MaySims Here).


Hair by Sintiklia, Kiara My Stuff, Kijiko,Cazy,Nightcrawler,Colores Urbanos NewSea?
Lovely Model Fabiola gently offered by L'Univers de Nicole Sims
Wedding Veil by me
Jewelry by NataliS at TSR
Flower Accessory for Head JenniSims
Bouquet and Parasol mesh by Maysims
Pearl Tiara and Single Pearl Necklace by me(here and here)
Gloves by Bukova at TSR
Short gloves by Prisma
Skin Glow by PralineSims
 Make Up at Jonsims and TSR

 Hope you guys enjoy.

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  1. Amazing! Thanks! You're incredible creator! Your stuff is amazing! :D

    1. Thank you so much dear Aga for the amazing comment! Means a lot to me :D I am just a beginner, still a long road to go!

  2. So beautiful! I love your dress and thanks for using my hairs!!

  3. Thank you so much for taking time to comment on the set :) Your hairs are the best! :))))

  4. Alin c'est magique ♥ J'adore
    Merci d'avoir mise à l'honneur ma sim Fabiola ♥

  5. The top does not work, the original mesh was removed by the creator :(

    1. They changed their website's link. I updated the link of the shirt. Thanks for letting me know!