Long Wedding Veil

I remembered the long veils we had long time ago in The Sims 2 made by Pronupsims and I attempted a first try at a transparent mesh. Is not perfect as I wished to be but for a first transparent mesh I am ok with it. Is found in Glasses Category - Accessories.

 Works with most hairs (normal and CC) I tested with, can have some clipping with some custom hair though. Is a long wedding veil, with some options to pick from (green,blue,red,pink,rainbow,full lace,white,transparent with lace and transparent).

Download Here

(Obs: I had to change the download link because the monthly bandwidth usage of my storage at box.com reached maximum capacity, so I uploaded to another storage. If you have problems with downloading just click Skip Ad and it will follow to the download normally)

* Hairs by Kiara(My Stuff)
*Bouquet by Maysims
*Clothes are my classical wedding dress and wedding victorian dress.
*Jewelry and  Tiara also here in the blog.
*Hair accessory by Salem sims (chamomile wreath) and jennisims(crown)

Hope you guys enjoy.

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  1. Hi, I tried the Victorian dress link but it says I do not have permission to read that person's blog and I don't know how to contact them to ask for permission, can you help at all? Many thanks, and BIG thanks for sharing your CC.

    1. Hi, Nikki B it was a long story but I had to change the main name of the blog and I didn't update the shortcut here. I fixed the link to the right one now. Thanks for letting me now.

      I am going to release another accessory soon, was just waiting for Get Together, to see it wouldn't be broken or bugged CC. :) Thank you for the nice words and for visiting!