Gilda Silver Sequin Dress

This is a dress my mom used when she was younger, and I always loved it. 
She looked so dazling in it, I though of doing it and the model (representing her) in her homage since it was her birthday this month :)

Thanks mom
Comes in 2 options (more transparent skirt, or solid skirt) and is Formal AND Party - Long Dress. I updated the file with the mesh now, so you don't need to have the original dress for the mesh anymore.


Obs: The mesh is not mine and has issues with wearing boots (it makes the top part transparent, so don't use with boots).

 Those that download before I updated to include the mesh, can please download again or keep the old file and get the mesh in the link of the mesh below (just put the mesh dress in mods).
 Earrings by Jomsims
Eyeshadow and Eyeliner by Tatygagg
Mesh by sims2fanbg

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    1. Thank you! If you downloaded already please remember of getting the mesh

      The new sims studio didn't pick the mesh in the new setting. I will add manually, but I will have to reupload in mediafire :)

      Thank you!