Angelica Sweet Lace Clothes

This is a small set of two outfits for sweet mythical beings.

Is made of pure lace without seams. 
Is on Lingerie for Sleep,Party and Swimwear (so it won't clog Everyday category :)

Download: Mediafire(here)

Wings: ELA sims
  Necklace of Heart: Jomsims
Necklace with diamond: here
Shoes: TSR
And all creators of make up, eyes, skin that I don't thank but that I use in my models in every post. If you creators see this thank you :)

Hope you guys like it!

Made with the new version (for the patch of 26/03/2015so
the custom clothes configuration is the right one in CAS)


  1. Bonjour Alin :)
    j'adore vos créations et je vous remercie d'être passé poster un message sur mon blog" l'Univers de Nicole "


    1. I can't speak French but I love your sims too :) They are the most lovely I seen. Thanks for using my creations :) !