For people trying to sabotage my blog

I am very sad that somebody with a fake link of supposed copyrighted work (fake link tried to sabotage my work by saying I am copyrighting infringing EA and The Sims 4 copyright. If the person that is trying to do this has any guts please either come forward, and if is not The Sims Team, you are committing perjury.

I don't understand why would I be infringing any copyright since there are tons of creators of Custom Content for THE SIMS 4, and thousands of sites are welcomed by EA and Maxis studio.

Why would they take my Classical Wedding as a copyright infringing work, please the person who goes against my post should come forward and notify here, since I can't even find the link of your supposed Copyright worth. Why would anybody do this or try to sabotage me is beyond my imagination and makes me confused.

I love the Sims 4 and I will ask personally EA and the forums why such happened. If is not EA that did this, then I am not going to cave in and provide my personal information to a stalker, I know that be filling a counter claim you would get access to my private information, which you prob want, but I will just share my creations through The Sim Resource or other channels if you wish to harass me here. And if you keep harassing me I will fill a lawsuit against Blogger for irresponsible automated copyright infringement claim process, which exposes individuals like me to the risk of real life harassment. At this point, prob Blogger will want to determine who is abusing their system and give you a lawsuit for perjury.

The person that wrongly did this in bad faith if is the case also, well Karma is watching you...

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