Victorian Dress with Bustle Set

This is a kinda big set of dresses made by me, base on the Victorian historical era.

This era was known for being in fashion to wear clothes using the Bustle, seen in these dresses here,
(an iron device under the dress to make it look like you had a more voluminous bottom) 
and the Crinoline (that make the whole dress very big and round in the bottom).

Is a very romantic period and also includes in the package many options of wedding dress. Is under Long Dress in Create a Sim.

Download the dress set Here(Mediafire)

(The site of the mesh is broken, but the mesh is included in my download)
It uses the amazing mesh by Fuyaya at SimsArtists, an amazing french/spanish site with so many downloads, tutorials in creating CC/clothes,objects,etc for sims 3 and 4 and other beautiful things.

*Hairs by Kijiko,Kiara(My Stuff),Maysims.
*Jewelry by me.
*Parasols by Maysims and recolors I did that I may upload if anyone wants them.
*Bouquet by Maysims
*Tiara also by me, you can get it here

Also fitting this set you can get the lingerie that matches these dresses here.

Hope you guys enjoy them.

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  1. Amazing set! Thank you ♥ I'm wondering if you could create more wedding dresses in disney proncesses style ;) have a nice day

    1. Hi Aga, thank you for your comment :), means a lot to me. Which disney princess wedding dress would you like to see?

      I have some plan for disney princesses soon, and I a long wedding veil too. Working on them.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you for your reply :) I didn't mean dress inspired by any disney princess. I just want something in their style: something big, colorfull, full with decorations such as crystals, flowers etc. And veil is really good idea :D that's the thing I need in my gameplay :) have a nice day

  2. You made an amazing work on them <3

  3. Merci Alin pour toutes ces belles robes ♥ Tout ce que j'aime ! suis fan ...
    Bonne journée

  4. Amazing set! Thank you so much for sharing...

    1. Thank you moni, no problem, is a pleasure

  5. you can no longer reach the website for the dress mesh, and your tiara link is is private preventing any one from downloading... but the recolors are truly beautiful i wish i could use them.

    1. Hi Crystal, the link of the Tiara is fixed now, thanks for the feedback. The mesh is already included in the download, so you can use it even though Fuyaya site is not online anymore for some reason. Thanks for the great comment!