Fairy Tiara Set

 This is the first part of a set of delicate intricate gold, silver and other colored metallic colors tiaras for your sims, is a new mesh. It is found in Rings and it has its own thumbnail to identify easier.

Download Here

(If you have problems with downloading just click Skip Ad and it will follow to the download normally)

Hair by Kijiko and Mocka Sims (here, is a Newsea Forest Siren hair from sims 3
converted to sims 4, has other amazing hair conversions for sims 4 in that site)
Wedding Veil here
Hope you guys enjoy it.

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  1. Amazing tiara! Thank you! :D but can you create triaras as earrings or glasses? My sims can't wear your tiara, rings and nails at the same time :( have a nice day and thanks again ♥

    1. Hahahaha, I was thinking about it, the detail you can put in tiara as earrings is smaller, but I can do that too. I was wondering if people wear more earrings or were more worried about rings. I prefer using earrings as I don't care about some of the rings, and the tiara can still be used with some rings but not other ones. I might upload them as earrings option too then later and the new ones too. The glasses can be done but would clash with the fairy wings and veils that can be worn with the tiara for a wedding for example. I see what you mean though. :) Thanks for the support and feedback have a great week.

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