Business Sign Recolors for Get to Work

I was making my own shops and got limited by the type and colors of business signs in Get to Work.

So this is just a small set of recolors for the business sign in Get to Work. Includes Flower Shops, Restaurant, Coffee shop, Wine, Bar, Pharmacy, Perfume shop (I know is spelled Perfumery but the name of my shop is Perfumary like in and Fashion and Bread/Bakery signs.

There are 4 different package files, each including a different group of businesses so if you don't want the others you can only put the signs you want. Is in a .rar file so you have to unzip/unrar, pick which signs you want and put in your mod fold the packages you wish to keep.

You need Get to Work Expansion Pack for it to show.
Credits of some vector art to Freepik
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    1. Awww thank you for liking it. It was kinda simple but thought maybe others had same problem as me :)